Friday, 21 March 2008

Room temperature

It looks to be a very nice day outside and the sun is streaming through the windows, shining its warm rays on my bed. And I'm trying to find a cool spot to sit down in my room to type this post out.

It's the irony of it that strikes me all the time. When it's cold, I need the heater on. When it's a bit warm like today with the sun shining on me, I need to open the windows to let some cold air in and maybe switch on the fan if that does not sufficiently cool my room down. Sometimes I wish I were cold-blooded so as to easily adapt myself to any room temperature I am in. Being warm-blooded, I need the room temperature to be just right.

The sun in the morning is the warmest here. After a while it just wanes off. It is a cheerful thing to do - waking up early morning and looking out to see the sun without any clouds bothering it. One thing for sure is, when you look out in the morning when it's bright and sunny, it doesn't feel so bad to be here in UK, and for a minute or two, you can forget the infamous climate of England and think, maybe it's not so bad to be living here for a while.

Anyway, should I go for a walk or not? Seeing the wind shake the bare tree standing outside, I think not. It's all fine and dandy staying at home but once you get out, the sun deceives you. It's cold anyway.

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