Sunday, 9 March 2008

Malaysian Night

Yesterday was when the Malaysian society held their annual Malaysian Night event. For 11 pounds, you get to view the play (Tangisan Selendang or The Weeping Shawl) and several other performances, and also some refreshments (which consist of curry puff, 3 other kuih and teh tarik or rose syrup with milk). I didn't really like the rose syrup drink and the kuih wasn't very nice except the curry puff.

Well, you don't expect me to pay 11 pounds for this right? Well, in fact I didn't. I think I mentioned before in a previous post that I volunteered to help out in decorations and we get free food and entrance. I think we did a good job in decorating. Wish I could put up photos but my camera has been hijacked by Jojo! haha.. So you will have to wait until I get my camera back.

Anyway, we were told to wait near the post office at 9am so that someone can pick us up to bring us to the venue which is one of the uni's campus - King's Meadow Campus. So, being the punctual people we are, we waited there at around 8.55am and just stood there a bit like idiots being blown around by the wind for about half an hour. Nobody showed up. So we decided to walk to Rachel's house which was the nearest and wait there, out of the fury of the elements. The president of NMS only came at 10, and said we were supposed to wait at the post office, only apologising when I told him that we waited there for a long time before waiting in the house.

So, decorations. Nothing much to be said of it. We hung the wau that we made and also blew up balloons with helium gas (We tried breathing in helium to make our voice go squeaky but it didn't seem to work). The decorations in the studio was a bit redundant as they didn't turn on the lights in there so nobody can actually see anything.

Went back home around 3pm to rest a while before returning at 6 for food! And of course the performance. Well, disappointing thing is, the food wasn't waiting for us when we got there. In fact, nobody seems to know where the volunteers get their food. Imagine that.. helping out the whole day, and no food in return! We were told that volunteers were supposed to get Chinese Fried Rice (which didn't taste like Chinese fried rice at all), but we got the pack of kuihs instead. How do they expect growing people like us to be full on kuih?!

Main event: the play. It was intense. The actors were quite good but apparently someone said that they are the same actors every year. lol.. give others a chance, maybe?

Anyway... photos will be uploaded when I get them. Can't continue to update anymore as my back is killing me.


Btw, my election thingee... ai~ I thought I could win as it was an uncontested post when I checked on Monday, and apparently it wasn't so. Oh well.. according to Val, the other girl brought a gang of people to vote for her..

Maybe I should run for music group manager?


mrbherng said...

We had to wait for the food as well this time round here in Cardiff, as a guest, not host. It is just a Malaysian culture to be late in everything, I supposed.

~em~ said...

hehe mrb... quite true i suppose