Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Semmengoh Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

As it’s the Gawai holidays, we decided to go to the outdoors for a family trip. We made a trip to the Semmengoh Wildlife Centre (also known as the Orang Utan Rehab Centre). It’s located near 10th Mile (Padawan) and hasn’t got a really big sign advertising where it was so my dad was saying that it was not practical. I suppose we should just move the jungle out to the city and put the rehab centre near the riverside. That would be easy to find!

So below are a few photos that we’ve taken there.

IMG_0084 IMG_0021IMG_0070 IMG_0072  IMG_0042 IMG_0048 IMG_0051


We then headed towards Wind Caves and Fairy Caves which are both near Bau. Before that, we stopped by Tasik Biru which is the largest man-made lake and it’s blue. No photos unfortunately.

This is the elusive primate which was seen outside near the river at Wind Caves. :D


My mum, Sarah and me went into Wind Caves, which was pitch dark. It was a good thing we could hire torch lights or we would never have been able to see anything.  There were a lot of bats inside the cave and we had a terrifying moment when we shined the light at the top and there was a bat just on top of us unfolding its wings. No photos as well since I did not have the camera with me, and with the cave so dark i doubt I’ll be able to get any photos even if I had it.

Then we went to Fairy Caves. Been here a few times already so nothing much I can say about it. It was windy though, which was what we expected from Wind Caves but only got from Fairy Caves.

All in all, it was a fun day albeit being tiring walking up the steps in the Caves. We wanted to go trail trekking at the Rehab centre but needed to pay conservation fee so we decided not to. Maybe next time.