Saturday, 29 March 2008


In my previous post I mentioned that I chipped my lens and needed a new pair of specs. Well, today I had my eye test.

Eye testing here is quite complex. My eyes were put through 3 stages of testing. One, taking a photo of the back of my eyes and also roughly testing how blind I am.

Next, I get to see the optometrist. He wanted to see the back of my eyes, and he did that by shining bright light at my eyes, nearly blinding me. Next, it's the same old routine of reading the letters of the eye chart, but somehow the chart I was shown is different from the ones I'm used to. A piece of really cool machinery. Makes me wonder why I didn't take up optometry in the first place.

Ok... I won't even go through the last stage of testing because I'm bored of writing about it. I'll just go straight to the conclusion.

I get a voucher to help with the cost of glasses, but apparently it is only towards the frames. My lens would cost at least 60 pounds! Then, the optometrist refers me to the GP for a second opinion and referral to a opthalmologist as he found a fairly large choroidal naevus (I think that's what he wrote in the letter to the GP), some kind of beauty mark (or mole) according to him. He told me there was nothing to worry about but in the letter he added "To see ASAP". Should I be worried?

Anyway, don't know if I should do my specs here or not... The frames aren't that nice either. And here I was, thinking that I can get the specs free. I got my eye test free though...


mrbherng said...

Should not be worried but do see the ophthalmologist asap though, you should had googled about it i supposed.

puisan said...

emily, stop googling it and make urself worried. go worry about the coursework which is 50% of the module. *start to panic*

I think its much cheaper in msia? innit? hahahha

~em~ said...

hey mrb... i googled it.. hahaha... and was worried a bit there..
puisan... if my eye really got problem.. thn it'll be a bigger worry than the coursework.. haha

mrbherng said...

They shouldn't be a problem. If there really is, the optometrist will tell you frankly but since he suspect it to be and suggested by some article... you will just need a regular check up. That's all.

It's definitely cheaper to get specs in Malaysia.. but in comparison they are not as professional though.