Thursday, 6 March 2008

Boo for dispensing

Why is so hard to do dispensing??!! Why do we even need to do dispensing.. All those legal stuff.. arghh... why can't doctors be more knowledgeable on legal stuff so we don't need to check so many things??

I have no idea how I'm going to pass my dispensing.. sob.. I totally lost all my confidence in doing anything right during dispensing classes. How to gain it back? This is how ZEROES can cut away at someone's self-esteem and break a person...


huixin said...

i join u la
hardly get +ve mark ar
wrote something about s.ware, then someone who designed it commented so much about it...*sweat*

~em~ said...

lol... i din even read your post thn u edited d.. hahaha... wow.. u got a reader who designed it.. ahaha..

i just hate dispensing.. nothin to do with s.ware

mrbherng said...

We went through the agony last year where we actually need to prepare the items and print of labels to stick on it.

The printer broke down on some computers (mine) during the test and we have to hand write the blardy labels for drugs which has god knows how many warnings with no extra time or compensation.

That was the real agony. Pass first time though MUAHAHAHAHA 70% sharp.

huixin said...

i swear i didnt defame our uni.i only say tat i hate it cuz it gave me -10 due to a spacing error. my comment was 'program itu memang tidak berguna'. when i was trying to put words into BM in the previous sentence, i just realise that we have so many similar words in BM and Eng. sigh~~~

haha...end up, i might say BM tak berguna...hahaha

jojolee said...

I HATE DISPENSING! HATE SCRIPTWARE!! yeah la i am defaming The programme come find me and fight la. so angry T_T
im not gona fail not gona fail not gona faillllll!!!!

~em~ said...

haha.. cheer up jojo..