Monday, 26 October 2009

Clocks go back

I really am not good at updating. Think it was ages ago that I last posted an update.

Clocks have gone back yesterday. So now we are at GMT instead of BST. That means it’s 8 hours behind home. It’s getting darker earlier as well. I think it was already dark at 430 and by the time i finish work and walked home at 530, it seemed like it was the middle of the night.

I’m doing my medicines information rotation now and went for a regional study day at Sutton Coldfield about medicines information as well. It was quite boring as I already knew most of the things from uni and from my 2 weeks in MI. There was this pharmacist there talking about critical appraisal and she said that she didn’t care how a drug worked, as long as it worked! I thought that was totally inappropriate and that as a pharmacist, we should care even more about the mechanism of the drug. Or else, it’s just a waste of my 4 years in uni!

However, i think MI is fun. Doing lots of research and answering queries. Have to answer the phone as well which is quite hard for me to do as the caller sometimes babbles on and I have to jot down what he/she is saying. I don’t write fast enough!

I really can’t think of anything interesting to write. Think my life’s a bit of a bore right now. To work for most of the day, come back and stone, walk around during weekends, be cheeky to colleagues….

Thinking of colleagues, there’s 3 new Spanish pharmacists working at my hospital and they are very friendly and fun people. A bit hard to understand them sometimes but so far there’s not a big communication gap. Hope they get the house near my place so I’ve got people to visit.

I’m at the point where I’m thinking of staying on in the same hospital and continue with a diploma. I shall tell my tutor that this week. Hopefully I won’t forget.

Oh ya, went to the Herefordshire Food Festival last weekend. It costed 5 pounds just to get in. It wasn’t anything interesting – most of which you could see when they have their market days. There was a lot of cider, liqueur, sausages, fresh vegetables, meat. It’s a lot different to how food festivals are like back home where you really get lots of different types of food. Well, one thing good about the food festival was that you get to try lots of things – mostly cider and liqueur. Bought some sausages which tasted really good.

I’ve got some photos from the festival but I’m being lazy and the camera is far away from me. So I will post some photos when I feel like it on Facebook.

ooOoo…. I remember something. Went to the pub for lunch with my friend and there was this old guy who kept trying to chat me up and also trying to catch my friend’s eye. Weird!!!! I have a feeling I attract weird people… :(

From this post, you can infer that I am a lazy and boring person. Which is quite true.. haha

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Work and rainbows

As usual, I begin by saying that I have lapsed in updating my blog and probably lost all my readers by now (if i even had some in the first place). So what has been happening in my life since the last time I had updated?

I’ve dispensed lots of medicine, seen lots of drug charts, dealt with lots of CDs and made quite a few phone calls. I’ve taken a week’s leave to visit London and Manchester. And just got back from Bristol today.

I’ve met different patients in the wards – some funny, some just sad. An old lady saying that her parents would be terribly worried as they don’t know where she is. Another who doesn’t know where she is. One who says thank you for making sure that she is well taken care of. One who roamed around the ward humming and not uttering a single word.

Dispensary – the place where everything happens. The stress, the laughter, the gossips. Worst of all, the phones that never seem to stop ringing. And the loud bell that people ring to catch our attention, and makes us all jump.

I’m enjoying my work. Everyday is not the same. I get to learn something new everyday. How to fill in a form. When to fill in a form. How to take in card payments. How to deal with discrepancies.

My colleagues are mostly very friendly and helpful people. But there are always exceptions to the rule. There’s one who people say are very friendly, but I have yet to see a side of her which is. Another that just shows a sour face most of the time and whom we did not know her name until quite recently. Another who i get annoyed with as she asks questions that she should know and do not seem to act responsibly. I have ranted these problems with friends and have thus find no reason to post them here again.

Anyway, here’s a rainbow for you. I took it while on the train to Bristol. The sight was amazing. It was all misty and hazy while you look out in the country side. And in the corner, a rainbow appears. It made me wish that I was outside there where nature was painting and not stuck in a noisy train.