Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Power Failure

I thought I better start writing a post before I go off watching drama series and forget about jotting this down.

There was a power failure yesterday afternoon from 3pm to 10pm. And it was horrible... The house was terribly hot and all I could do was try and stay as still as possible to burn less energy therefore produce less heat, but it was still hot. Couldn't even open the front gate to go out because it's an electric gate and I did not have the keys at home to open the gate. One of the things that we each seem to have done once in our life is climb over the gate to get into the house, which isn't such a difficult thing to do.

While eating a candlelit dinner, it got me thinking what would we do if suddenly, there was no electricity anymore. We wouldn't have any lights unless we use a candle and we wouldn't be able to go online or use the phone or watch TV. AND no FAN or air-conditioning! Life as we know it would surely stop to exist. We would all go back to the pre-electricity times and do nothing but write letters. It would be even worse in a cold climate where there would not be ready heating available. So we should all be thankful that we have electricity.

There's this little black dog that keeps coming to bully our golden retriever puppy. And it's funny that such a small dog can get the better of our dog which is at least double its size. That dog only runs away it sees someone coming.

I got my camera back. It cost a fortune to repair. Should have gotten a water resistant camera the last time.

Ok.. time to watch TV.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

My Blog's Birthday

I just realise that today marks the birthday of my blog. Well, I thought I missed the date but apparently not.

I started this blog a year ago in a small internet cafe in Edinburgh, to post up all the photos I've taken and blog about what I am doing, in and around the UK (well, not so much around UK.. not so much in UK as well), so I could keep my family updated.

I did not really think I could keep this blog running as I tried once or twice before with only a couple of post before forgetting about it completely. And before the invention of blogs, I tried keeping diaries which was an utter failure. I did not have the patience to sit down and write about what was happening in my life when it was just routine. (Blogs are the same as diaries, only that they are more public, right?)

I wrote more posts when I was in UK as it was a deviation in my life. Something different that I was living through and I felt the need to document it. Different cultures, food and people. But back here in Kuching, most things become routine again. And there is so much more interesting things to do, such as the wonderful tv and astro and cantonese dramas and also hanging out with family. While in the UK I spent most time hanging out with my laptop and the WWW.

So, I won't let this blog die away but as you would have already found out, there are only minimal postings throughout this summer. I'll try to crack my brain and see what I can find but I won't promise.

So happy birthday blog. Maybe when I have the time I will try and see if there are any interesting skins for this site.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

11th Rainforest World Music Festival

I finally attended the RWMF, although I only went for one day last night, just to get a feel of what happens during the RWMF. Managed to get in free as my aunt has contacts.

One thing I would have to say is that I do not have any photos from this event. My camera died on me and couldn't be started so no photos. I was so planning to make this into a photo post but guess not.

Went down to Damai Puri (the hotel that we stayed in for a night) in the afternoon and the Sarawak Cultural Village where the RWMF is being held is only a few minutes walk from the resort. We kinda forgot about the workshops that are held in the afternoon which is a shame as the workshops seemed interesting from their descriptions. We only went for the night where the music, booze and nearly naked people were having fun.

One thing you have to have in a rainforest is rain. We had lots of it. It was pouring! It wasn't much fun for me being drenched in the rain listening to some melancholic music (which was what was being played earlier in the concert). Good thing I had an umbrella and we bought ponchos as well. The mood began to pick up as more upbeat music were being played and the skies started to show mercy. There were a variety of instruments being player - bagpipe, violins, flutes, traditional instruments, and also a weird instrument being played by one member of the trio from England (no idea what the instrument is called).

We were there for nearly the whole night. We were there at around 8pm and stayed until the night ended at 12. Standing! My backing was aching by the time we started walking back. There was also this woman standing behind me who kept poking me with her umbrella. I move one step forward and she follows, poking me again with her umbrella. Annoying!

Well, it was what's expected from a live concert. Loud music, people screaming and dancing, and lots of muddy people. Fun...

Still, I would say, it's not my kind of thing. Maybe if it didn't rain...

Friday, 4 July 2008

Something new

I learnt something new yesterday. That you can actually flip your screen to become vertical or upside down instead of boring old normal looking horizontal, right side up screen. It's just the most interesting thing that I have learnt about the computer (at the moment I suppose).

I got a new phone... :D

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


I was going to play guess the age with my own photo but I couldn't get a decent photo by taking it myself so I'll just forgo this game. Anyway.. the reason I wanted to do that was because over the past few days, I have been thought of as still being 16/17, even though I just passed by birthday last week. I think it's the haircut that makes me look young, compared to my old hairstyle which was long and straight, making me look old. haha..

I thought of some stuff to write the night before but now I totally have no idea what I wanted to post up. Think I have amnesia...

I'm hooked onto a Taiwan drama series again. The thing about these series is, even though you think that they are very immature and the things they do is very unrealistic, you just can't stop watching them. So, on to watching series then..