Thursday, 27 March 2008

Penzance, Cornwall

Well, I'm back from Penzance. 9 hours train trip! I'm quite glad to be home.

When we reached Penzance on Monday afternoon. This was what greeted us:


Ominous clouds gathering together. It didn't really mark a very good beginning to our trip. Despite that, the scene was breathtaking. Good thing the weather was quite beautiful for two days in the morning, even though it drizzled in the afternoon.


Penzance is a very small town. We manage to explore the whole town in a few hours. Monday afternoon was spent exploring but most shops were closed by the time we had checked into the Penzance Backpackers (at 5pm) and went out again. The streets were basically deserted by 5.

The next day, we took a bus to Marazion so that we can go to St Michael's Mount. To reach to the small island, we took the ferry as the the tide wasn't low yet. During low tide, you can actually walk to the Mount from the beach.




Trawlerman's Lunch


On the way to Land's End, the bus passed by Sennen Cove. The beach was beautiful. We didn't get down here but I managed to snap some photos from the bus.


Land's End. Cliffs and cliffs and more cliffs.


I like this photo. Sun, sea, sky, clouds and a rainbow.


All in all, the trip was an enjoyable one, although we didn't have enough time to explore more places in Cornwall. But we managed to explore the tip of England.

Back to the main purpose of going to Penzance. I did not manage to find accommodation there as the only places available are bed & breakfasts which cost a fortune. So, unfortunately, I will have to compose a letter soon to decline my placement.

I managed to chipped the lens of my specs. So have to go make a new one soon. ai~


mrbherng said...

Don't outright decline the placement. Tell them your problem and see is there any alternative that they can offer.

~em~ said...

now can't stop thinking about going back home d.. haha