Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Being Bullied, House Hunting, Baking Frenzy, Food and Free Movie!

What you see above is Puisan, locking me in my room.. :( terrible person.. and the faulty lock couldn't be open with my key from the inside. Had to throw the key out so she can open the door from outside.. Yeap.. she's evil..

It's the time of the year to start house hunting for next year! Which is a pain... one thing i'm glad of is that we'll be rid of this house, but i feel some reluctance in moving away. I've made the room Mine and now will have to make another room Mine.. So, when the landlady told us about the reduction in rent for the next year, a part of me wants to say, "Yes, we'll stay on." But as we found some place even cheaper, it wasn't that hard a decision to make. But we won't be going far.. only a few houses away!

Me and my crazy gang (read: Pui San) have been going on a baking frenzy... chinese Egg cake. Which is quite easy to make, if you have an electric mixer. We didn't. We used sheer force to whip the egg white and egg yolk until the white was stiff and the yolk three times the original volume. Imagine how our muscles were complaining. Google the recipe if you want.

I also made Glutinous Rice. Which wasn't nice at all.

Had free movie passes last night! Remember the part about volunteering for the Nottingham Malaysian Games? Us volunteers were treated for a free movie! I watched Sweeney Todd, while Li Wui and her bf watched In the Valley of Elah. Both were boring... waste of a free ticket.. Can't remember which day I made Tandoori Chicken. It was just all right. Nothing special.

Will be going to a concert tomorrow evening, swimming on Friday, and Cadbury's Chocolate Factory on Saturday! oh.. and another thing.. results out on Friday..

So... what should I do in Easter? Any ideas on any cheap places to visit?


Sometimes it's just tiring not to have someone to lean on.

Sometimes it's just overwhelming when you have to do everything on your own.

Sometimes, you can be lonely even when there are a lot of people around you.

How I wish that I am not here, but safe and sound at home, where I don't have to pretend I'm strong, where I don't have to show the world a brave front.
Sometimes I'm just tired... of being me..

But I shall hold on... I shall still go on being bold, hiding the scared person inside of me. I will overcome this challenge in life and I will make it through..

Because I'm me.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Updates on my life

Had a 4 day "holiday" since I did not have any labs on Thursday and Friday. Decided to just rest and relax but ended up doing quite a number of things.

Wednesday Night:
Went out for dinner at Nando's for Kaeshin's Birthday. About 20 of us walked down the dark shortcut to Nando's. About 20 girls following one guy, Goh. He was a bit like the Pied Piper leading all the poor rats/ children away from town.

The company was good.. but the food wasn't all that interesting.
Puisan baked a strawberry chocolate cheese cake for Kaeshin..

And we baked cinnamon rolls. (We were on a baking spree)


Went out with yanleng for a shopping spree... and met up with Pui San to have dimsum

Made sweet and sour pork! from scratch! Google'd the recipe again.
Had a girls' nite in at home. Movies, chips and wine..


For the life of me, i do not remember what i did.


Went out with Yan Leng again. This time to meet up with her uncle and bring him and his friend around Nottingham. When we got to town, this was what we saw.

Fresh hot Walkers! So we just quickly went to queue up to get our share of fresh Walkers.

Had dimsum again for lunch, but at a different restaurant. This one was better than the other one. Then brought them around to see University Park and Yan Leng's home. Went out for dinner and the food was great. Services wasn't great but quite efficient. Wanted to take pictures of the food we had but didn't in the end... regretting it now..


Went to Hyperama which is a cash and carry store which sells in bulk. It's only 10 minutes walk away.. And we had to pay in cash. I only had 22 pounds and Puisan had 3 pounds.. We had to count everything we wanted to buy just so we had enough cash to pay for it all!

This post took me ages to complete.. and it's a crappy post. Have a lot of things on my mind. Need to go and study a bit now. Apparently there's a test tomorrow which slipped my mind. Argh..

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Fickle-minded people

I admit it.. i am fickle-minded. You can ask me one day if i'm going for something, i'll say no.. the next thing you know, you will see me there. Ask me lots of times and i would (most of the time) change my answer.

Well.. it's not only me. Probably most people make decision only to change them ever so often. I think our brains aren't capable of making firm decisions.

One thing i dislike is when faced with a decision. Especially a decision with millions of possible answers. For the life of me, i will never be satisfied with the decision i make. I will always end up regretting what i had decided in the beginning and wish i could turn back time and change my answer.

I guess i'm just fickle.. I'm entitled to be..

Someone just asked me whether i think i'm selfish.. I suppose i am sometimes. But depends on who the other person is. I treat people how they treat me. which is the other way round of what i should be doing. I should treat people how I want people to treat me. But sometimes you can't help but reciprocate in what people do to you.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Long day... and then food!

It has been a long long long long day. How can they be so cruel and subject us to two dispensing classes and not one.. not two... but FOUR disease and goal of treatment lectures.. At the end of the day, you just find your mind floating away to a happier place. It doesn't help when the last lecturer talks like a monotonous bullet train and you're too mentally too slow to catch up. Half of what he was saying was nonsense anyway.

We made sushi today! and it was easy to make. Just boil rice, mix in the sushi powder thingee.. then just do whatever you want to do with it.

Some with tuna.. some with celery (since we didn't have cucumbers)

'Ang Zhao' Turkey!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Steamboat and shopping trip

Loading these pictures took me long enough that i lost the interest to blog. haha..

anyway.. had steamboat last night and it was good. Food, friends, and card games!

As there were a lot of leftovers, we decided to play card games. Loser had to eat some food. First we played cheat... then we played 8-people cho dai di.. which was interesting...

Went to Derby today. Didn't take a lot of photos though. The trip took around an hour by bus. Should've taken Red Arrow which goes there in 15 mins for 5 pounds. Thought Rainbow 5 would be cheaper but in the end we had to pay even more for return just because of the stupid system they have which nobody actually understands. Actually wanted to look around Derby town but ended up shopping in Westfield. Maybe next time.

Val's really nice housemates. They just wandered around themselves while Val and I shop around for an amazing 5 hours! I wonder what guys do in a shopping centre for 5 hours.. but they bought more stuff than me and Val combined!

Came home to a lovely dinner of ribeye steak, sweet corn, mashed potatoes and parsnips and some carrots!

Friday, 18 January 2008

Freedom! and Photohunt: Important

That's right.. free from exams! at least until the next exam period turns up. So, to summarise how the exams had been, it was terrifying. Seems like the first time in my life that each day before the exams, i feel like puking. And it is not a funny thing. I left earlier than my housemates each exam day as being at home made me nauseous. Good thing is that the cool weather calms me down a bit. A bit. So to everyone of us who have finish exams, congratulations on surviving!

So.. what should i do now? I'm free from everything for the weekends. Sadly, the new semester starts on monday. Well, going for a potluck steamboat dinner later.. and to Derby tomorrow for a shopping trip! hehe.

Well, it's time for this week's photohunt! Important!

So what's important to me? Of course, My Family!

And Friends!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Just one more...

*Disclaimer: I'm just rambling on. It might be boring but i feel better writing it out.*

one more... one more... i can do it..

sometimes it just seems like I'm just going on with my life with.. for want of a better word, deadlines. It's always one more day... or 6 more months... or one more year.. or... what my last few posts have been saying.. three more.. two more.. one more...

What's with these numbers? Would I have a better life if I live in the moment, without all these figures prancing around in my mind?

I suppose this way of mine (maybe not only mine, probably a lot of people do this as well) of looking at a date in the future, makes life easier somehow. It's easier to bear with things. When the going get tough, it's just easier to think that there will be a better day, without all this annoyance. A time where you know you are rid of what is bothering you now.

But then somehow it seems like a sad way to live. Chanting to yourself, "It's only 6 more months, it'll pass by in a blink of an eye." It's just difficult sometimes, to see the future. Somehow, sometimes, it's not so enjoyable being in this situation. I just want to enjoy the present, is that so wrong? Why can't i do that half the time?

Well, it'll be over in the near future, and all I have to do is enjoy myself as much as I can and not care so much. That makes life easier..

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Words that just pass you by

Have you ever came across a situation where it required you to answer promptly? Where words are just at the tip of your tongue but you bite them back, because you think it might be too insulting? Then, right after that moment has passed, you are banging your head on the wall, wondering why in the world did you swallow those words, when in fact you should have voiced them out cuz they probably deserved it in the first place?

I have...

Anyway... one last paper! I can get through this... Should've gone library... House is cold again.. which reminds me... i wanna watch HOUSE!

Monday, 14 January 2008


It's just annoying when you have to wait the whole day just to sit for an exam. Nerve-wracking really.. I wish today's paper was in the morning instead of in the evening at 4.30pm... Why can't we just get it over with first thing in the morning!

Update @ 3.30pm: I feel like vomiting..

Another update @ 7.00pm: Another paper down. This paper is just horrible...I think this is the worst chemistry paper i've sat for... and the time... urghh... got gastric because of this stupid paper!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Toilet break

Two more... two more... two more...

Someone once told me that when girls want to go to the bathroom, they would announce to the whole world that they are going. "Hey, I want to go to the toilet, who wants to go along?" in a really loud tone. And an outing is being held. But when guys want to do their business, they would just stand up and just leave for the bathroom.

When I heard this, I thought I'm not one of them who announce to the whole world what I'm about to do, but sometimes... just sometimes.. I catch myself doing the exact same thing. I think it's ingrained in us that we should go away in a group instead of alone. Maybe for safety, maybe for companionship, or maybe just to hang out together (yeah.. in the toilet).

How many of you would announce to everyone and their friends that you are going to the loo? Just interested in finding out. :D

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


You feel your heart beat faster... you feel nauseous... you feel that nothing is going to go right for you... you feel that your brain might explode any moment and you can't do anything about it. Urgh...

Exams are the teachers' torture method. Since most teachers/lecturers might feel tortured when they are teaching in class (since probably half the class isn't listening to him), this is the best way for them to get back at us. It's a conspiracy, I tell you.. a conspiracy..( “上课时不听课,看你现在怎么样死!” muahahahhahah)<--that's what goes through the minds of our torturers..

Anyway.. you think you got everything down in your brain, but on the day itself, your mind comes up as a blank piece of paper. Nothing inside. You can probably hear the sound of your tiny brain rattling inside your skull as all your brain contents have been leaching out when you were sleeping at night. There might be some stuff left but once you get into that exam hall, there's this force that sucks everything that you know out of your mind and you turn into an empty zombie with no intelligence at all..

So, all the studying done in one semester, falls down to that critical moment in your life.. the point of no return.. the time that you do or die.. all for what?

All for the sake of your wonderful future that you are going to achieve...

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

One down, Three more to go!

So it's one down... one more tomoro.. and two more next week. and all this misery would end!

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Just wondering

Have been staying in the library for three days now and because it is warmer in the library, i managed to make my brain absorb some of the essential stuff that we need to know in order to pass the dreaded .... *gasp*... exams..

Here's something i was wondering while revising on molecular pharmacology this afternoon. First, some basics. Nitric Oxide (NO.) is a gaseous radical and is extremely reactive, which causes the smooth muscles in our body to relax. NO. also causes penile erection.

Nitric Oxide is also abundant during a lightning storm. So.... Does that mean that men are getting erections everytime there is a lightning storm? lol.. but after thinking about it.. i guess not. Since NO. is so reactive.. it'll probably not reach there in time...

I deduced another thing when i was revising but don't think there's any point in blogging that as it'll only take someone who has learnt molecular pharmacology to get that. The wonders of molecular pharmacology. I quite like this module..

Well, decided to write down what i was thinking about anyway.. so if you're not interested don't continue reading...

cGMP is broken down by phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) to 5'-GMP. If there is an increase in cGMP, that means that there would be excess fluid that is secreted into the gut lumen, causing diarrhoea. Based on those two facts, that means that by applying a PDE5 inhibitor, we would inhibit the break down of cGMP and there would be an increase in cGMP, thereby causing diarrhoea, right? Sildenafil or better known as Viagra is a PDE5 inhibitor... But BNF doesn't say anything about diarrhoea as side effect. I'm just speculating.. don't take me too seriously.. the dose is probably too low to cause diarrhoea anyway..

really.. things i can link together while studying molecular pharmacology

Saturday, 5 January 2008

PhotoHunt: Delicious

Nearly forgot that today is PhotoHunt day! and i'm terribly late with this post.. This week we have a delicious posts!

Gingerbread men that we made for christmas:

Tang Yuan (or Glutinous Rice balls) that we made for the Winter Solstice!

The first time i cooked turkey!

Our Christmas Eve potluck dinner!


Friday, 4 January 2008

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Python who thinks golf balls are eggs

I just saw pictures in bbc news of a python who thought the golf balls left out by a couple in the chicken coop to encourage the chickens to lay eggs, were eggs! haha.. it actually gobbled down 4 of the "eggs". Poor thing..

Photos here

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Just have to get it off my chest

First of all... Happy Birthday Sarah! I suppose you're starting A Levels soon. Good luck!

You can stop reading now if you don't want to read about my problems. :D

Next.. about me now.. Just feeling kind of depressed today. I think I need to spend one day out of these 4 walls and study in a new environment. I can't study properly and everything seems to be overwhelming. Friends who see me think i'm overly relaxed but truth is, i just don't know how to study anymore. I don't know how to store all these information away!!

I need to get out of here. Better i go and study in the library tomoro.. more human contact there. either that or i can always sit outside at the park and study.. haha... probably freeze, what with the cold snap we are experiencing now. I sure hope that we can at least see some proper snow tomoro.

Feeling better now that i jot down these silly thoughts, but sure hope it'll help me study better tomoro. It's terrifying when you think you've got everything stored away in your brain and when you try to do past year papers, you find that you don't know anything after all. Wondering if i could fill in an extenuating circumstances form.. i could say that the weather and the place is too depressing a condition to study in.

Anyway, the important part about this post is wishing Sarah a happy 18th birthday! you're old you're old!! hehe..
I found something that cheered me up ---> click here

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Get your act together!

Emily! Time to start studying now. Get your act together and start studying!