Friday, 7 March 2008

Freedom to blog?

We were recently sent a mail by the University asking us to be careful of what we post in our blogs, Facebook or anywhere else on the WWW, as to avoid any defamation or any legal action being taken on us. The mail also stated that we had to abide by the University's regulations on IT behaviour.

I think this is email has reminded us that even though we have the freedom of speech, we still need to be careful when using that freedom. As we progress into the world of technology, it is inevitable that someone somewhere who is or will be connected to you in some way (read: employer) will read anything that you have posted up in your webpage. If you are careless in the thoughts that you immortalise on your blog, people are going to read it and form their own opinions about you. It will not be a good day when you go for an interview, and the interviewers start asking you why you wrote such and such.

It may be frustrating and you may say that a blog is my own and I can write whatever I want, if you don't like it tough. But, remember, there are readers out there, and in this time and age, many people will eventually stumble upon what you have wrote.

I do not know if I have defamed anyone in my blog, but I hope I have not done so. When you are struck by the writer's bug, you do not think for an instant that maybe what you are writing might lead you to a law suit, but spare a thought for that. We are always governed by legal aspects, be it internet conduct or dispensing (as I am still worrying about that).

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