Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Responding to symptoms

We had responding to symptoms today. And we had to role-play. Being asked to work with someone that we have not worked with before and someone that we do not know very well, it could have been difficult to do role-playing but I found it easier to work with someone I do not particularly know compared to someone that I know.

Anyway, there were different scenarios being given out to different pairs and I had the fortune (or misfortune) to getting the scenario of a woman wanting to request for emergency hormonal contraception. What makes it worse is that we had to plan our own scenarios (as the patient) and let the pharmacist (the other student) to guess and make their conclusion on whether or not to sell EHC.

This is one scenario that I had done before in dispensing class when the "patient" came in to request for EHC. A lot of research had to be done and also a lot of questions had to be asked to find out if it can be legally and ethically given to the patient. Another thing that we are told if a patient ever comes to request for the morning-after pill is that we should inform them about the cost of the medicine itself (which is very costly and some patients might be unwilling to pay for it).

Somehow I feel that it is very hard to talk about this kind of situation - be it as a pharmacist or a role-playing patient. I do hope that I might not get any of these cases when I am a pharmacist but I don't think that's very realistic as I have seen quite a lot of people come in for the EHC when I was doing my summer placement. So what are the odds that I not get a single case of this in my years to come as a pharmacist?

I figured I have depriving you all of my food... so here they are again:

Chickeny rice type with broccoli and Chinese sausages fried with onions and egg. The rice is so yummy! I am surprised at myself sometimes at the tasty food I make.DSC03290

Dinner for tonight: Steak! Potatoes fried with onions, grilled tomatoes, brocolli, asparagus and baby corn! yum yum.. DSC03293

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