Tuesday, 11 August 2009

backdated posts

Sunday, August 09, 2009

For being the first weekend alone in Hereford, I am thankful that, even though I do not have friends near where I am, I have friends who will constantly reply my messages and friends who I know will be there when I have need of them. I am grateful for them for getting me through this first weekend, and as time passes, being alone will no longer be such a big issue as I cope with it slowly.

If I did not have friends who were constantly in touch with me throughout the weekend, I would not have come out of it in a good way. I suppose I would’ve been lying in bed crying my eyes out and dehydrating myself in the process. Because Val called and talked to me during the critical time on Saturday night and then texted me throughout the whole of Sunday, I feel that I can at least make it through without my family here and without friends nearby.

It is different now that we are all scattered throughout UK. No more going by just knocking on doors and popping by for a chat. In time probably I will make some friends here but I can foresee that it is a difficult task for me as I am not the most sociable of beings. It is one thing to get along with colleagues at work, and another to try and get along with them in personal life. We do not have much in common anyway. At least not from what I’ve discerned.

Everybody is very nice at work and I do look forward to the coming weeks to working in the hospital. I worry about whether I can actually apply anything that I’ve learned or if I even remember anything from my 4 years in university, but I’m sure I’ll be able to drag some stuff out from my brain where at least some useful information should reside.

It’s a bit hard to be without internet, without any contact to others and I keep wondering if I should use mobile broadband while waiting for the broadband to be set up. I suppose by keeping myself busy with work, I won’t have much time to worry about entertaining myself. I’ll just write down what I feel and then post them on my blog at a later time.

Time to sleep now and refresh myself for tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t get backaches and shoulder aches tomorrow.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The first day of a new week at work. Nothing memorable happened at work as I was and will be for this week, be learning the ropes in stores with the exception of Wednesday which is our regional study day and Friday which I am on leave.

I went to the post office at lunch time to post off my visa application and found out that I forgot my bank statement, so I had to rush back to get it and wander around trying to find the post office (and the shortest way to it). By the time I got everything done and ran back to the hospital, I was out of breath and sweating like it was extremely hot outside. Didn’t need my jacket either. Anyway, got that all done so hopefully in 6 weeks’ time I will get my passports back with the necessary visa. It’s scary sending off my passports leaving me with no identifications except photocopies.

Walked very slow back after work. Didn’t like the thought of coming back to an empty place. I’m so tired today even though I didn’t do much in stores. Wondering what to have for dinner now. Can’t wait for tomorrow where the library would be open then I can go online and post these.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009.

I'm in the library now. Quickly using my half an hour to check mail and chat a bit. I don't know what to write when I'm rushed for time so that's that for today. Going to Birmingham tomorrow for regional study day.