Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! Say bye to the Year of the Mouse.. and hello to the Year of the Ox.

May all of you have a prosperous and healthy and er.. all those good wishes... year!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Memory loss

Went through three excruciating exams and another to go. For some reason, all the revisions to be done for these exams seem to only consist of trying to memorise the key points and not a lot on understanding. I think I've used up all my worry for the other three papers that I don't seem to worry much for this coming paper. But how do we memorise 7 essays?

My memory is just horrible. I can never remember anything, especially not what I need for exams. The worst thing is, I think that I'm going in armed with what I need, and find myself stripped of all my weapons in an important battle. How am I supposed to do well in this exam if I cannot remember anything?

I just hope I can pass. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Information gun

What we need is something like a gene gun, which is used to deliver gene vaccines. Modify the gene gun, so we get something that can deliver information to our brain.

Imagine everyone having one and bombarding ourselves in the head with information so that we can store all of them in our brains without having to go through the trouble of memorising!

Is there a gene that we can tweak to make us all smart?

Monday, 12 January 2009

I wish I were an elephant.......

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Revisions again....

I'm back to the library to do my revision! Why the library? Well, for one, my house is very cold. I think the insulation of the house good enough and also there are factors that prevent us from switching on the heater for long periods at a time.

For another, I actually manage to get work done in the library, which I do not manage to do when I'm sitting at home in the cold. Other things seem to be more interesting than studying when you're at home.

Well, I started coming to the library yesterday and will continue to do so until exams are over. While walking to the library, experiencing very cold weather that nobody should ever have to go through, two things went through my mind.

One is that I feel like a little kid going to school again. Waking up early to prepare to go out and tackle the day. The weight of my bag just gets me thinking about how we used to carry our heavy bags to school and back. Instead of my bag being filled with heavy books, it's filled with relatively thin stack of notes and a laptop. How times change, yet the things we do still bear resemblance to what we used to do.

Another is that I pity my poor ears. They suffer the most when I go out. Without protection and very thin skin, they have to endure the iciness. Poor poor ears...

Ok.. back to studying. I do hope that my brain actually retains what I'm trying to feed it now, and not have any leakages.

Exam timetable:

14th Jan - Preparation for Practice

16th Jan - Biomolecular Therapeutics

20th Jan - Microbial Diseases and Pathogenicity

23rd Jan - Immunopharmacology and Treatment of Chronic Diseases


Oh what fun!