Wednesday, 29 August 2007

No More Work

Days without work has been passing by slower than usual. Even the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is over. So, we have no idea where to go even though we have quite a list of places to visit.

Went to a show late Monday night and when the time came to go home, there was no bus left! There was the night bus but we had to pay for that and we didn't have any change on us! So, we decided to walk back home. It seemed like a long way to go, so in the end hailed a taxi and went back in one. It was a lesson well learnt - Always keep change and never, ever go to a late night show. But the show was enjoyable so it wasn't a total waste.

Guess what we found : Malaysian Pavillion! Malaysia decided to send out a team to promote the country here in Edinburgh! They had Batik painting sessions (which we joined), pewter making session (which we wanted to join but only Dhivya and ShuYi joined, and me and Yan Leng were left out to make way for 'ang moh'.. which is not fair at all!!) and FOOD! Satay, Fried Kway Tiaw and Roti Canai. Well, we went mostly for the food (free as well).

You could clearly see the difference in the way they treated us and the ang mohs.. HA!.. during the batik painting session, we got the "best" seats in the house - on the ground. Everyone else got the table where they could colour in their batiks. Also during the pewter making where they got to do their pewter first instead of US when we had been STANDING in LINE!!!! arghhh.... and i so wanted to do my free pewter bowl... which you can also bring home... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Went to Pizza Hut for lunch pizza buffet yesterday and ate to our heart's content.. and some more. Was so full that I didn't even feel hungry for dinner and went to bed without one.

Bought a waterproof and windproof jacket.. it is also cold proof as it has a detachable fleece jacket. Cost me £29.95... it was originally £50++ so guess it is worth it in this unpredictable weather here. Was raining yesterday so i got to try out my new jacket.. BTW... i got it from the children's section.. for children aged 15-16.. hehe..

wanted to upload some photos onto this blog but seem to take ages.. so will do that another day... for now.. just read text and see photos at

want to put more but it takes ages!!

Friday, 24 August 2007

Last DAY!!!

Today's my last day.. bittersweet day... am so glad i've finish this placement! wish i did learn a bit more from this but working for the first time in my life for salary in a foreign place (excluding the time i did last year with normah or SGH, where i didn't get paid at all) has been an eye-opening experience for me. If i did not have my friends with me, i probably would have quit ages ago. The fact that there was somebody to talk to when i got home, rant and rave to, and spill all the frustration i felt was enough to keep me going for this long. Thanks Div!

Can't believe that 8 weeks just passed in a blink of an eye. Even tho i didn't get to celebrate my last day with my colleagues but they gave me some chocolates and also a mug with tartan motif on it. hehe..

Yesterday i went down to Newcastle for our Celebration and Review day. It was quite fun actually.. took a few photos from the train, nice scenery and clouds. We, in Scotland, have already completed our Healthcare Assistant Course, BUT... they forgot about us and did not give us our certificates!! Arghh... It was kinda expected tho.. we were not surprised that they forgot about us. My tutor was not surprised when i told her that today... But we had a fun time learning about how the community pharmacy career is coming about in the next few years. Might be kind of exciting to work in a community pharmacy after all... But first.. i would need to do my 3rd year placement with Boots before i can do my pre-registration year with them. So, now i do not know how i'm going to get some hospital experience... maybe thru some other holiday.

Will be going around edinburgh during the last week of august... want to make the most out of my time here in this beautiful place. Also not long now before i have to go down to nottingham... 9/11...

View the pictures i have taken in the following web sites!

More photos in Edinburgh
Photos in Newcastle
Photos of Workplace (Last Day)

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Last week

This week is the last week of my placement and i am so happy... time really flew.. in a blink of an eye, 2 months have already passed by. Feels like yesterday that i was just leaving from Kuching.

Will be going down to newcastle again on thursday for my review and celebration day. hopefully we can get good food!

been to a few festival events, some good and some just plain terrible. went to one on sunday, and it was just TERRIBLE!! It's called House of the Holy Afro. From that name we expected African cultural music. Imagine the shock we had when they started really really loud music and also invited everyone to dance!! arghhh... and the show was quite expensive.. £7.50.. we couldn't leave soon enough! we actually left after a record time of..... 10 mins... hehe.. well, one thing good came out of it, we didn't have to pay for a taxi to go home as it would have ended at 12 midnight, when there were no buses. The event people working there were laughing so hard when they saw us running out as if we were being chased by a thousand rabid dogs.

a good show was Breakout.. It had lots of breakdancing by some korean people.. another one was Oxford Gargoyles, which was a group that sang a capella. actually, most shows that we went to were quite good with the exception of the horrible horrible house of holy afro.. can't stop laughing over that.. will be going to Binari, which is a korean drumming thing tomoro..

some photos at

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Terrible Week

Today was just a terrible day.. which is the perfect day for a terrible week so far... everything just seems to go wrong.. everything i do seems to go wrong.. dono y.. arghhh... i don't want to work here next time!! so frustrating.. have to do mundane jobs..

ok.. can't say much now.. have to log off as library closing...

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

No interesting update

Typed out my whole post on monday and wanted to post it up today but the stupid PC doesn't register the External Harddrive.. it is so frustrating!! arghhhh... so.. no nice photos for today.. maybe friday.. will be going to cirque surreal tomoro nite.. free tics!! hopefully will get there on time tho! :D

there was a shoplifter in the shop today. as i was the only one on the shop floor, i couldn't keep an eye on the whole shopfloor while serving customers! So, as expected, i didn't see the shoplifter and only found out when my colleague told me to keep an eye out for shoplifters as someone left with £50++ of products! arghhhhh.... am i suppose to do everything around here? they should pay me more as i am doing so many things..

Btw, passed my Healthcare Assistant Course. But still don't have to confidence to really tell a customer what to take. ai~

Going to the library now.. maybe can get internet access there..