Sunday, 23 December 2007

White Christmas?

I'm dreaming of a white christmas.... just like the ones i used to know...

I don't think i'll be getting a white christmas this year. No snow from what i see in the forecast. But today is very very foggy, probably as close to a white christmas as i'll get, just not in snow format. ahha..

I'm wearing three layers now and still feeling cold. From a friend's suggestion, i should go out and gather wood to burn to keep warm! ahha... I would do that, if i had a fireplace.

I can't study properly as well.. I think i'm burning too much ATP to keep warm, when i should be metabolising ATP for brain activity. Think that's why my brain is shutting down. Someone help!

Update: Make that 4 layers...


Today went to mass and Fr Chris was saying something about trust. And how hard it is for us as humans to trust someone. To put ourselves in a vulnerable position in front of someone else and put ourselves in a position to get hurt by them. Something to think about: God sent His only son to us to save us. He placed His son in the family of Mary and Joseph. What does this say about God's trust to us as humans? Maybe we should try and reciprocate the same trust towards God. Thought-provoking statements by Fr Chris.


Val Shang said...

plagiarism!! plagiarism!!

~em~ said...

not plagiarism... i did credit fr chris ok? haha