Thursday, 13 December 2007


What do you feel when someone only comes and talk to you when they need something? How is it that that person can actually not contact you for a year and then lo, and behold... you get a mail from that person asking for information. Not once.. but several times.. How can she actually bring up the guts to contact me after a year of silence, and the first thing is to ask what, where, why, how and when. If she had kept constant contact throughout, I might consider helping. But this has gone far enough!

Maybe I look like I'm an easy target - I seem useful to people. I guess it's in human nature to be close to someone that you can use and probably try not to be used in return. But everyday there would be cases where people use and are used. But I don't like being used... and I don't have use for you... so you can just forgot about it!

On a happier note, listen to the egg song.


cindy said...

Maybe other people also think of you the same way just that you don't realise it. Or maybe not at the present but sometime in the future, you may need to 'use' other people also ;)

puisan said...

eh, for the egg song, they only sang the vit, mineral, protein, they totally forgot about cholesterol... hahaha dont think i dont know ar, im monitoring ur eggs intake.

mrbherng said...

That's life. Friends are meant to be make used of. =P Okok.. a more positive way of thinking, it's like I help you out and you help me out in the future. No one will know when you will need help from that person right?

~em~ said...

true true.. haha... but u just can't help feeling used.. haha.. symbiotic relationship..