Friday, 21 December 2007

Christmas season

As most people would know, this is my first christmas away from my family. I thought that I would have a hard time being away but it's not so bad. It really helps when you have great friends around you, enthusiastic about celebrating christmas for the first time. It helps when we get together to make gingerbread men (even though it too so much energy to mix the dough properly). It helps when we plan a christmas dinner together and all of us come together spreading christmas joy.

Even though it is cold and miserable here, even though i am far away from much loved family, even though I wish to be at home surrounded by family, I'm glad that i'm surrounded by good friends here, relieving some of the loneliness i feel sometimes.

So, thanks Pui San and Yan Leng for the fun time we had making gingerbread men!

It's only a few days more to christmas! Merry Christmas all!

btw.. tomorrow's the shortest day of the year! and also the winter solstice. can't wait to eat glutinous rice balls!

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