Thursday, 20 December 2007

Nottingham and Gingerbread men

Here's a picture of the lake on a foggy day!

Us taking pictures in Nottingham Castle grounds.. there's nothing much there except for the museum. didn't go on the cave tour but will go the next time!

Us having buffet lunch at Flaming Dragon!

Taking pictures with the night view of christmas lights in Nottingham city.

ok.. doing all sorts of famous poses that people usually do... and i feel like an idiot doing this..

Nativity scene! but it's not as good as the one we always have in St Peter's Church.

Faith!! look.. your shop! Y didn't you tell us you have a shop in Nottingham?

Gingerbread man making session! It's all handmade! No machines for us, no sirree... And we mixed the whole dough for over 3 hours!

Cutting out shapes!

Puisan says that that is me... here is where she dares to gimme a straight short hair cut!

Representation of us! From left to right: Me, Yan Leng and Puisan.. haha

Puisan's snow man

More photos! (there's music so if you don't want to listen to it just off it.. just trying to set a christmas mood) hehe..

also photos on facebook here

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