Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Say bye to the old year, hello to the new one!

The year is coming to an end and 2008 is just around the corner. I thought i would do a list of 10 things that i have done. And maybe some new year resolutions!

10 things or more that i have done in 2007 (in no particular order) will add on more when i think of it
  1. I turned 21 (duh)
  2. I successfully completed 2nd year of pharmacy and entered 3rd year in Nottingham!
  3. I travelled for 23 hours from Kuching to Edinburgh ALONE! (well, dhivya did accompany on the last leg of the journey from Heathrow to Edinburgh)
  4. Learnt to be fully independent (not very fun)
  5. Got my first paying job and my first salary
  6. Toured around Scotland and had fun
  7. Made new friends (and stopped being too antisocial)
  8. Played flute during mass!
  9. Saw snow (albeit very sad looking snow, since it was raining heavily and snowing lightly. Only flakes)
  10. Improved on my cooking skills (I cooked turkey!)
  11. Had fun making gingerbread men with Pui San and Yan Leng
  12. Spent my first christmas away from home.. but spent it nicely with friends and also with Uncle Jim and family.

New year resolution

  1. Study harder
  2. Survive another semester here
  3. Apply for hospital placement (sheesh.. i have to do this soon)
  4. Find a place to stay in Cornwall
  5. Try and bear with some people
  6. Try do more exercise
  7. Try and make praying a daily event (I always fail this)
  8. Explore UK and Europe
  9. Be more sociable?
  10. Improve more on my culinary skill

Happy New Year all!

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