Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Study break

It's the holidays!! It's a study break!! so.. is it a break from studies? or a break to study? Seeing as how the exams are right after the holidays, i should say it's a break to study. So, to try and scare myself, i should just post up my exam timetable:

08 Jan: Molecular Pharmacology
09 Jan: Nutrition in Health and Disease
14 Jan: Medicinal Chemistry
18 Jan: Advanced Drug Delivery I (or ADD)

and the first exam is..... just 20 days away! muahhahahhaa.... am i scared now? I have no idea.. I hope i am.. so i can have the "push' to study..

news of my "at home" haircut.. it doesn't look so bad i guess.. haha... feel that it's still a bit too long behind but yanleng and puisan don't dare to cut anymore. don't know why - i haven't worry yet and they are even more worried than me! anyway.. according to yanleng, i'm mad. Doing such crazy thing. She's not going to cut for me anymore.. =( guess i'll just let my hair grow til i get home. Not going to spend 20 pounds on a haircut.

Christmas is just 6 days away and my christmas party is just 5 days away! hopefully the turkey i'm going to make will turn out alrite.. hehe..

ps. the sun hasn't come out in a while. will we be lacking in Vit D? and increase our risk of getting lung cancer? news here.


Yan Leng said...

hahaha...i m just wondering did u wear a hat out to beeston today???hahahahaha

~em~ said...

nope.. didn't wear hat... 还可以见人。