Sunday, 16 December 2007

Requirement: Heat

It's really cold these days that we have to switch on the heater for a longer time - at least 12 hours a day. Anyone knows how much that's going to cost us?

It's depressing if we did no on the heater. Imagine layering up even though you are already at home. What happen to being comfortable at home? Even if we layered up, hands and feet still get cold easily and wearing gloves won't help unless i'm not going to be working on my laptop. It's already depressing enough what with there being no sun and gray skies. How much more depressing can it get if we had to bundle ourselves up even in our own house!

Maybe should've planned to go travelling this winter instead of being stuck here in Nottingham. But I guess I can explore Nottingham more and study more as well. Even after staying three months here, i still don't know Nottingham as well as I had known Edinburgh. Kinda wish i'm back in Edinburgh with my friends, carefree and having fun. Instead of being stuck here, trying to keep warm!

There's only one thing i look forward to - that is, leaving this place, and going back home where family is.

Some photos!

Walking back from mass today and saw that the lake had a layer of ice on it. The birds are just standing on the ice!

Birds fighting for the pieces of bread that people feed to them. It's as if they had not eaten for years!

The birds in University of Nottingham

Food that I have been having:

There are other types of food that i'm having but these two are the only ones that i took photos of. haha...

Here's a photo i took in Edinburgh. This one shows children being brought along by several leashes..

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Yan Leng said...

wah, the lake really frozen! lets go ve a walk someday! again , hahaha