Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Things like this just make me worry

There was a pervert standing outside my house just now.

I was washing the dishes while cooking and staring out of the window and there was this weird white guy who came up to the sidewalk (good thing it wasn't up to the house) and kind of wiggled his fingers at me. And stood there for quite some time staring into our house. So, I averted my eyes and told my friends about it, while discussing whether or not to call someone, i.e. the police. Fortunately, he left while we were in the midst of discussion.

Then, our next door neighbour came by and said, "你们有没有看到色狼?" And we said we did. And she then said that his THING was hanging out of his pants, which we didn't notice at all. We just noticed a strange guy standing there looking in and never did see his parts hanging out which is a good thing in my opinion.

I think the police should up their patrol around this area, get rid of these perverted people. Hmm.. wonder if I'm being discriminating if I say stuff like this...


H.W. said...

Oh u missed the best part of the show? :p

~em~ said...

in a way.. hahahahha