Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I know I know.. I haven't been writing much. Too much reading and researching to be done.

I've reverted to my anti-social personality and shunned every dinner invitation that comes my way (well, just the ones where we eat out, I won't ever reject any home-cooked meals). Everyone keeps telling me it's the final year of university and because of that very reason, I should go out more and have fun. But I've already been a stay-at-home person and how would this year being the final year in university change anything?

I just realised I haven't blog about my new house yet. So, a quick rundown on the house and the old Hongkie couple who are our landlords for the year.

The house: Well, the layout is basically the same as the last house I stayed in, with everything flipped 180 degrees as it is now a left corner house (if you get what I mean). It's an older version of the last house as it hasn't been renovated. One thing that is good about this place is that the windows are double-glazed which makes the whole house a lot warmer, and the rent is much cheaper than last year. It was more livable after we cleaned everything.

The landlords: Friendly people when we first met them, but still very calculative and cunning. They keep saying that we complain too much, and that they are only renting us the house - which means that they do not need to supply us everything and that we are lucky the house is even furnished! What kind of people are they? Of course we expect the house to be furnished. I can go on and on about how wrong they are as landlords. When they argue a point, they will go from A to B and back to A and to B again and so on and so forth but will never come to C (the conclusion).

Another thing is, we have explicitly told them to inform us whenever they want to come into the house to do anything. And they said that we are different from other people (read: weird) as we seem to not trust them! Of course I don't trust them - I don't even know them!! But I told them in my very broke Cantonese (which eventually I just gave up and spoke in Mandarin) that we expect them to tell us because if we come back to a house where the things are moved, we would naturally think that we have been burglarised! Stupid people...

Anyway, I do not want to talk to them ever. I will be ever so glad if I do not need to see them anymore and listen to them babble about nothing. It is also hard for me to argue with them as I do not speak fluent Cantonese. That's why I leave the arguing to Puisan who has more patience in arguing talking to them (and also because she is fluent in Cantonese).

I can go on and on about the old couple but I think it's enough for one post.

Well, here's a lesson to all of you out there who are looking to rent a house now or in the future: Never, ever rent a house from Hongkies or Chinese. Rent from a white British who are more reasonable and will not disturb you for the whole tenancy.

Oh ya... the weather these days is beautiful. Not too hot.. not too cold.. Just right. Hope it stays so.

Back to reading about paediatric pharmacy. I keep getting sidetracked by other things...


huixin said...

that's why...i'm planning to leave the house i'm staying, even though it's near to the place i'm going to work next year.it's time for me to change a new environment!

by the way, bbc forecasting that the weather will become colder this weekend. sad, isn't it?

~em~ said...

haha... yea.. change of environment is good. esp with your landlord! haha..

why will it become colder.. y. y. y... but i'll be in london.. so hope london weather better

ven said...

Over the eyars in UK, I've learnt to not to talk with the landlord much, write official letter and pass it to them and Health and Safety is a very good reason to seek for things.

~em~ said...

ven: problem is.. i don think they understand english that well.. haha.. they'll just probably ignore the letter

Vincent Bong said...

sigh.. as usual.. but thinking of it.. if u go out too often.. it wouldnt be emily anymore.. ahhaha