Sunday, 26 October 2008


I'm writing this while I'm in stuck on the train journey back to Nottingham from London. It was great spending time with my grandparents, aunts and uncle and cousin for the two weekends, whom all of which I won't see again until next year.

I find that people around me are always complaining about their weight and figure. When you ask them what their weight is, from a BMI point of view, it's a healthy weight. And I never can see if a person is already putting on weight until it is very obvious (obvious being very huge tummy and and very round face). One thing I see from a person who says that he/she is fat, is that he/she is not fat at all. I do not know where they can pinpoint any flabbiness. Granted that the stomach may bulge once in a while after eating but that's normal right?

So, all this is making me self-conscious as well. Am I growing fat as well? I have never cared about my weight or figure as I've always been blessed with a great metabolism, and was never brought up to be very weight conscious.

I suppose I need to exercise more but that's just to get healthy (apparently my BP's a bit high when I went to check at the doctor's but I think that's due to me running to avoid missing my appointment) and also to strengthen my knees which are weak. Not to control my weight which I feel is in the healthy range. I still think I need more meat on my arms - my wrists seems small to me. But overall, I think I'm perfectly fine.

One thing that struck me while I was looking at my grandfather packing a box - how similar my dad is to him physically and in behaviour. Pa! Next time when you're old, you will look just like kung kung - without hair. hehe....


Vincent Bong said...

perasan eh.. wrist actually not easy to build up cos there aren't muscle aeound it.. =D will design one workout schedule for u to develop ur leg if u want.. hehe

~em~ said...

don wan to develop leg... wan to develop wrist..