Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Is my blog getting to be boring?

I really need to find more topics to write about so I can update my blog more frequently.

A lot of things that we have to do this year. Lots of work for the preparation for practice module which has all sorts of things jumbled into one module - clinical aspects, law and ethics - skills that we need to "survive" in our profession.

When I start preparing for our weekly workshops which deal with different topics each week, I feel that I am so inadequate in my knowledge that it is hard to write down what counselling and advice can be given to the patient in a particular scenario. It is just scary to think that when I am out there working as a pharmacist, there won't be someone guiding me everyday to avoid any major mistakes from happening. I guess I'll just have to arm myself with the necessary information to keep from doing any major harm.

Anyway, this is the 5th week of studies and time seems to be going quickly. Chosen my final semester project titles (I'm in Physiology and Pharmacology division). Now all I have to do is cruise along and make sure I keep my marks up.

Should I join Sports Centre this year? It's expensive though... What do you think?


Jean said...

i felt a lot more energised everyday since i started going to the gym. join the sport centre ^^

Yan Leng said...

when i ask u to join u said u not joining, now only i know u act considering, join la! the more the merrier ^ ^