Sunday, 27 January 2008

Updates on my life

Had a 4 day "holiday" since I did not have any labs on Thursday and Friday. Decided to just rest and relax but ended up doing quite a number of things.

Wednesday Night:
Went out for dinner at Nando's for Kaeshin's Birthday. About 20 of us walked down the dark shortcut to Nando's. About 20 girls following one guy, Goh. He was a bit like the Pied Piper leading all the poor rats/ children away from town.

The company was good.. but the food wasn't all that interesting.
Puisan baked a strawberry chocolate cheese cake for Kaeshin..

And we baked cinnamon rolls. (We were on a baking spree)


Went out with yanleng for a shopping spree... and met up with Pui San to have dimsum

Made sweet and sour pork! from scratch! Google'd the recipe again.
Had a girls' nite in at home. Movies, chips and wine..


For the life of me, i do not remember what i did.


Went out with Yan Leng again. This time to meet up with her uncle and bring him and his friend around Nottingham. When we got to town, this was what we saw.

Fresh hot Walkers! So we just quickly went to queue up to get our share of fresh Walkers.

Had dimsum again for lunch, but at a different restaurant. This one was better than the other one. Then brought them around to see University Park and Yan Leng's home. Went out for dinner and the food was great. Services wasn't great but quite efficient. Wanted to take pictures of the food we had but didn't in the end... regretting it now..


Went to Hyperama which is a cash and carry store which sells in bulk. It's only 10 minutes walk away.. And we had to pay in cash. I only had 22 pounds and Puisan had 3 pounds.. We had to count everything we wanted to buy just so we had enough cash to pay for it all!

This post took me ages to complete.. and it's a crappy post. Have a lot of things on my mind. Need to go and study a bit now. Apparently there's a test tomorrow which slipped my mind. Argh..


Twisted Heels said...


So where are you and where is Pui San? *point up to pic*

~em~ said...

haha... 2nd pic... in pink me... the one holding the sauce is PS.. ahaha...

puisan said...

emily, its strawberry choc cake only la, since when i put in cheese? hahha
seriously, i forgot what we did on fri, probably just lepak at home and did nothing. did we go somewhere?

~em~ said...

i meant to put strawbery choc.. but dono y the cheese word appear also.. ahaha... i think i remember what we did... we went househunting..