Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Just one more...

*Disclaimer: I'm just rambling on. It might be boring but i feel better writing it out.*

one more... one more... i can do it..

sometimes it just seems like I'm just going on with my life with.. for want of a better word, deadlines. It's always one more day... or 6 more months... or one more year.. or... what my last few posts have been saying.. three more.. two more.. one more...

What's with these numbers? Would I have a better life if I live in the moment, without all these figures prancing around in my mind?

I suppose this way of mine (maybe not only mine, probably a lot of people do this as well) of looking at a date in the future, makes life easier somehow. It's easier to bear with things. When the going get tough, it's just easier to think that there will be a better day, without all this annoyance. A time where you know you are rid of what is bothering you now.

But then somehow it seems like a sad way to live. Chanting to yourself, "It's only 6 more months, it'll pass by in a blink of an eye." It's just difficult sometimes, to see the future. Somehow, sometimes, it's not so enjoyable being in this situation. I just want to enjoy the present, is that so wrong? Why can't i do that half the time?

Well, it'll be over in the near future, and all I have to do is enjoy myself as much as I can and not care so much. That makes life easier..

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