Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Just have to get it off my chest

First of all... Happy Birthday Sarah! I suppose you're starting A Levels soon. Good luck!

You can stop reading now if you don't want to read about my problems. :D

Next.. about me now.. Just feeling kind of depressed today. I think I need to spend one day out of these 4 walls and study in a new environment. I can't study properly and everything seems to be overwhelming. Friends who see me think i'm overly relaxed but truth is, i just don't know how to study anymore. I don't know how to store all these information away!!

I need to get out of here. Better i go and study in the library tomoro.. more human contact there. either that or i can always sit outside at the park and study.. haha... probably freeze, what with the cold snap we are experiencing now. I sure hope that we can at least see some proper snow tomoro.

Feeling better now that i jot down these silly thoughts, but sure hope it'll help me study better tomoro. It's terrifying when you think you've got everything stored away in your brain and when you try to do past year papers, you find that you don't know anything after all. Wondering if i could fill in an extenuating circumstances form.. i could say that the weather and the place is too depressing a condition to study in.

Anyway, the important part about this post is wishing Sarah a happy 18th birthday! you're old you're old!! hehe..
I found something that cheered me up ---> click here


Chee Hoe said...

It may be hard when you first venture away from home for studies. This is especially true with a country like England which is notorious with its glood and doom weather. You can see the sun on one sunny morning and say to yourself what a great day it is then go change to go out only to find out that its raining as you open the front door. You get used to it in due time.

As far as studies is concerned, try to loosen up a bit. Don't give too much pressure to yourself. Meet up with friends and don't get enslaved by the 4 walls around you. Have you tried studying by visualizing flow chart? I do that during my uni days at that seem to be pretty helpful.

Good luck on your exams!

~em~ said...

thx chee hoe.. :D i traded in the 4 walls for another 4 walls in the library.. but it was away from distractions.. so one thing good i guess.. :D

mrbherng said...

Have to buck up here as well. Gotta spend sometime in the library during the day for revision and spend the night finishing the assignments. Holiday?? What holiday??

~em~ said...

lol mrb... haha.. nope.. no holiday.. they just say it's a holiday just to make us happy.. just so they don't seem to be torturing us with studies..