Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Fickle-minded people

I admit it.. i am fickle-minded. You can ask me one day if i'm going for something, i'll say no.. the next thing you know, you will see me there. Ask me lots of times and i would (most of the time) change my answer.

Well.. it's not only me. Probably most people make decision only to change them ever so often. I think our brains aren't capable of making firm decisions.

One thing i dislike is when faced with a decision. Especially a decision with millions of possible answers. For the life of me, i will never be satisfied with the decision i make. I will always end up regretting what i had decided in the beginning and wish i could turn back time and change my answer.

I guess i'm just fickle.. I'm entitled to be..

Someone just asked me whether i think i'm selfish.. I suppose i am sometimes. But depends on who the other person is. I treat people how they treat me. which is the other way round of what i should be doing. I should treat people how I want people to treat me. But sometimes you can't help but reciprocate in what people do to you.

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