Monday, 30 July 2007

Shandwick's Place, Portobello, Jazz in the Summer

So, Saturday we went to the Shoes* Branch at Shandwick's Place. It was quite fun actually. They were expecting 6 -7 people but only 3 of us turned up. Well, it was some induction thing that we had already gone through when we were in newcastle but in addition to this, I won chocolates! We also each got goody bags, consisting of Soltan Once (suntan lotion), Ted Baker Body Wash, Botanics Body Wash and No7 Highland Mist Lipstick and also a free lunch! Great day indeed!

Sunday came by with good weather, so the four of us decided to go to Portobello, the seaside of Edinburgh. Sun, sea, and ..... cold water... The sea water was freezing! But we only walked on the beach and didn't actually go down to the sea.

We saw a man burying his kid.....

Here we are at Jazz in the Summer... There was great music.. it was a preview of the Edinburgh Jazz Festival and we had fun nodding our heads to the music. Wanted to join people who were dancing but didn't dare as my friends didn't want to accompany me!
The weather was weird tho. It was sunny in the morning when we went to Portobello and when we sat down to enjoy the music at the Gardens at Princes Street but 10 mins later, the clouds came running over and started drizzling. It only went on for around 20mins before the sun came shining out again. Well, that pattern went on for a few times before it started raining heavier, so we left!
Btw, we got free yoghurt from this place. They were launching Muller's Amore, new yoghurt i think so we got about 4 each! The picture of the 4 of us was taken by one of the people controlling the crowd. When i asked him whether he would take a picture of us, he ask me, "Me?"
Well, duh.... of course him... asking such obvious questions.. Should've said, "No, that invisible guy behind you."

Btw.. this is a picture i took on the bus when we were on our way back from Fort Kinnaird where we went last monday. I think it's a job recruitment agency, but look at the name! Soul Recruitment!! Working for the Devil? I wouldn't want to go to such a place to find a job!

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