Wednesday, 8 August 2007

No interesting update

Typed out my whole post on monday and wanted to post it up today but the stupid PC doesn't register the External Harddrive.. it is so frustrating!! arghhhh... so.. no nice photos for today.. maybe friday.. will be going to cirque surreal tomoro nite.. free tics!! hopefully will get there on time tho! :D

there was a shoplifter in the shop today. as i was the only one on the shop floor, i couldn't keep an eye on the whole shopfloor while serving customers! So, as expected, i didn't see the shoplifter and only found out when my colleague told me to keep an eye out for shoplifters as someone left with £50++ of products! arghhhhh.... am i suppose to do everything around here? they should pay me more as i am doing so many things..

Btw, passed my Healthcare Assistant Course. But still don't have to confidence to really tell a customer what to take. ai~

Going to the library now.. maybe can get internet access there..

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