Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Work again

So, haven't been online for a few days now. Have been working for the whole day yesterday, today and also for tomoro as well. From 8am - 6pm. Think I'm the only one who does such long hours. But... good things do come out of it. Yesterday i got a free sandwich and a banana cake (which is obviously expiring that day or they won't give it away for free), and today i got a banana cake as well! I love their banana cakes. Nice nutty taste to it as it has walnuts on top of it. Hopefully tomoro i can get something as well.

Want to post photos but this place doesn't have a memory card reader. So, will have to post it up some other day. Maybe will post one of the banana cake.

Has been quite quiet these days at the shop. Probably cuz most people have gone off for holidays. Wish i were in a warmer place. Today's weather wasn't very good.. but now it's sunny.. Imagine.. Sunny at 6.30pm.. It never feels like night here.. It will only get dark at about 11pm and it gets bright again really early (but i don't know what time it gets bright as i'm fast asleep, wrapped around in my warm blanket.)

Nothing much to say today.. Nothing eventful happened that's worth noting down.


Sarah said...

what you need is to get a thermometer so that i can know how cold is cold... hehe

~em~ said...

u want to send one over?