Friday, 27 July 2007


It's the weekends!! Quite happy today as I finished work at 5 instead of 6 today. Glad to get out of the place. Tomoro will have to go to Shandwick's Place, which is a place near my work place. Keep wanting to take photos of the place i work at but either the weather is terrible or i keep forgetting. As i sit here typing this, 2 fire engines and 1 ambulance have passed by with the really really loud siren. Wonder why there are so many emergencies these days.

One thing good about working til closing time is that you get free sandwiches and cakes and maybe drinks. Stuff that are going to expire that day. Got a lot of sandwiches yesterday.

Seem to have a craving for chocolates these days. Going to stop by Marks and Spencer later to get the 2 for £2 sponge cake that i have been drooling over ever time i see it.

Cooked fish with ginger and onions that day. Problem is, the only fish that was reasonably cheap was salmon. It came out quite nice, despite the fact that i didn't notice that the salmon i bought was lightly smoked, making it taste a bit smoky. I don't see a lot of white fish here, except haddock and cod, which are quite expensive. Should stop by a fish place soon to get some nice fish. Want to stop by a butcher if i have time to get some haggis to try as well.

Don't know why i can't access hotmail. Guess i'll need to come back tomoro and try it.

Edinburgh is full of tourist now. Chinese, Spanish, Italians, and so on and so forth. Also a lot of Americans. There are some who complained that there are a lot of coins here. £2 coins, £1 coins, 50p, 10p, 5p, 2p and 1p. It's so heavy carrying along change and most people would try to dump it all when they buy something. That day we had a pharmacist who's originally from NZ and he complained that there is a lot of different notes. Clydesdale Bank, Bank of Scotland, Bank of England, Bank of Ireland all produce their own notes. It's quite difficult for me as well to know if it is indeed real. So, why bother my brain so much, i just accept whatever they hand me. Should not be a forgery i guess.

Got my pay again. Remember in my first blog that i said i got taxed? Apparently, i'm getting refunded on it now. but i still have to pay national insurance, even though i won't be getting any benefit from the National Health Service. Well, now my pharmacist tells me that i'm actually going to get paid £6.50 instead of £6.90 per hour. So I need to expect my pay to be reduced in weeks to come.

Ah.. end of week 4. Time passed quite fast. Can't really believe that I've already been here for 4 weeks. Anybody miss me?