Sunday, 22 July 2007

Grand opening of Emily's Blog

Following with advice of my cousin, I have decided to open up a blog where I can post photos and relate what is happening in my life right now.

I have nothing much to say right now, except that it is very very cold here these days. In fact, it's freezing. And it is suppos

ed to be summer! Everybody is saying that this summer is just miserable. And how good last summer was and how I should've been here last summer. What a wrong time to come! The weather was quite nice this morning but turned cloudy after i came out from church. So now it is freezing again.

Work is ok.. Not very fun. Am not doing anything related to pharmacy most of the time. Sometimes do give advice to some customers but mostly have and dealing with moneyto refer them to the pharmacist as i'm not sure what to give them.

Some of the funny people that come in: A customer came in few days ago to ask for lime.. thinking that i heard him wrong, as it is sometimes quite hard to understand some of the Scottish people, even tho the guy who asked wasn't Scottish.. probably Indian, I asked him, "Lime? Lime for?"

He went, "Lime, Lime.. you know.. round, green fruit?"

?????? I didn't know why he came to the pharmacy to get lime. Maybe he thinks it is a chain supermarket, instead of a chain pharmacy.

Another day, someone came in for sponge. The first thing that came to my mind was sponge that is used for washing dishes. Wanting to clarify, i asked the customer what sponge is she looking for, and she said for washing. So, thinking that, i just told her we didn't have it. My colleague heard me say that and instead directed the customer to the bath section where they had sponges, sponges for WASHING during BATH!!!! oh my... can't they not be so ambiguous.. making my life difficult.

This guy is very good at what he does.
He's there every weekend and he does this robot thing.

Went up to the castle that day. But only went to the outside of it as to go in you have to pay £11. But the scenery was quite nice as we climbed up the steep hill.

Went out on Friday after we got our salaries. Celebrating our first time being paid. And we got TAXED!!! nearly £200 for me! Can only get the money back at the end of the tax year which is April 5th, 2008. I don't see how that is enforced savings. I can probably earn quite a lot putting that amount into an online bank account where to the interest is 6%, which is being paid every month!

Picture of us before going out and having to cover ourselves with lots and lots of layers.

Outside waiting for bus after dinner at Pizza Hut.


Sarah said...

gosh... it sounds so exciting.. hehe... how i wish i was there... squeezing limes with you... :p

Sarah said...

oh.. and by the way... i can't see you r pic of you in your uniform clearly when it's horizontal...

Sarah said...

HALLO... it's me again... i'm surfing the net while waiting for numb3rs... hehe... well you that picture of you in your uniform? mummy and pa read your blog too... so imagine all three of us tilting our heads just to see it.... hehe... cute

~em~ said...

ha... i don't know how to tilt it, so, sorry.. have to tilt your heads..