Monday, 22 December 2008

Transport problems

I'm sitting in the train to Nottingham now, but not the train that I was booked on. It's another train which is 15 mins later than the other train and I am lucky to be able to get on this train without additional charge.

We had planned our journey to reach St Pancras International in plenty of time for our 1115 train, and had left at the time planned. Unfortunately, the tube stations were against us leaving London so they all decided to go on strike. Signals failed, lots of tube lines weren't working and we had to go from one tube station to another just to get to St Pancras.

The Hammersmith and City line which is the most convenient for me was down. If we had been able to take that line, we wouldn't have needed to change at any tube stations and just to get down at Kings' Cross and St Pancras. We got down from the bus at the station and found out that the line wasn't working, so we had to take another bus to Paddington Station to take the Circle line, which to our dismay when we got there, it wasn't working as well.

So, we had to take the Bakerloo line to Baker Street and change there for the Metropolitan line to get to St Pancras. And the Metropolitan line is not the most frequent of lines. We had to wait there at the station for 15 mins before our tube arrived, therefore making us late for our 1115 train.

We just queued for the 1130 train and thankfully, after explaining what happened to the attendant at the barrier, she let us in without extra charge. It was such a relief to get onto the train to Nottingham. Else, we would have just turned back and gotten another ticket for another day which would've been cheaper. And just spend Christmas and New Year's in London.

I hate travelling in London.

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