Saturday, 6 December 2008

Lincoln Christmas Market

We made a trip to the largest Christmas market in Europe, which incidentally is only situated less than an hour away from here. And we managed to get the train tickets cheap as well. As there was a promotion on one of the train booking websites, we only paid 1.15 pounds for our return trip to Lincoln.

Lincoln is a pretty place, and its annual Christmas Market brings in a lot of tourist. It was so packed and there were a lot of stalls as well. I didn't actually count how many stalls there are but apparently there are over 300 stalls there.

I was going to put photos up, but looking through the photos that I've taken, they don't seem to be very nice and I didn't manage to capture the atmosphere there. So, what I'll do is that I'll post up a photo of me, which I rarely do. Here's me with my red jacket and sling bag. Apparently people recognise me from away by those two.

Me with my red jacket and sling bag


We had to climb up Steep Hill (yea, that's what the road was called) to get to the market, and yes, it was very steep indeed. It was good exercise to climb up that hill though.


Here's a photo that shows (not really) the crowd that was there. It wasn't that crowded when we got there which was around 1030am but it got crowded as it got later. Behind you can see the cathedral which is apparently one of the must-sees in Lincoln.


We did go in and see the cathedral. But unfortunately, due to our reluctance to part with our money, we did not explore the whole cathedral, even though I had really wanted to before. So, I just took a photo from the entrance. Didn't get to see pretty stained glass....


Well, it was a good experience to get into the Christmas mood and rub shoulders with everyone else. I, for one, do not really like crowds so I don't think I'll be making another trip next year to the market. I prefer slow and less crowded places. Another thing that makes it a good day was that the weather was beautiful, albeit very cold. My hands were frozen after I left my gloves off to take photos. But, no complaints - as long as it's not raining or very windy.

Nottingham is pretty as well...

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