Saturday, 20 December 2008

Portobello Market

I walked out to Portobello Market this morning to try and find a suitable gift under 5 pounds for exchange during my Christmas party. Since it's a Saturday, the whole market was open and there were lots of things to see. As I always forget to bring my camera out, I did not manage to capture any interesting photos.

Two things that happen to catch my eye this morning. One was a stall manned by 2 people from China. They were selling iPod nanos 8Gb for around 50 pounds, which apparently is half of the normal selling price. I wonder if the iPods are genuine ones (which they claim them to be), but they could be fake ones for all I know. I just google'd iPod nano and apparently the ones I saw were the 3rd generation ones, not the new 4th generation. Not a lot of people crowded around that stall though, only a few who seemed to be really interested in buying.

Another was that there was a funeral procession down Portobello Road and there were 2 hearses - one a modern hearse and another was a horse-drawn hearse. Following that was an expensive looking car (which for the life of me I do not recognise). There were also people running after the procession with one guy who seemed to be a reporter.

There were people who stopped and took photos of the horse-drawn hearse which I felt was quite disrespectful to the dead. But I suppose they expect that since they went down such a crowded street. The horses were very pretty though.

Anyway, I still can't find my gift.......

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