Wednesday, 31 December 2008

End of the Year

The end of 2008 has come. Year by year, the time just shifts too fast for me to grasp a single moment in its entirety and enjoy life second by second. Every year we celebrate the new year that it may be as good or even better than the last year, and to do this we reflect on what has happened. What we have experienced and what we have learnt, the good things and the bad.

I suppose the first thing I've learnt is that people are never who they seem to be. Under calm waters usually lurk a deeper (sometimes dangerous) current. Friends are also hard to come by. It has taken me the whole 4 years of my university years to realise who are the friends I want in life, those who are worth holding on to and those who are better off as just "hi-bye" people. I have not come close to being able to read people easily but, by withholding a part of myself and not throw the whole of me into a friendship has done wonders. Instead of feeling cheated by something that wasn't even promised in the beginning, you get more than what is expected and that is very fulfilling.

I tend to complain every day about something but looking back, I think that I have actually enjoyed the experience of being here in UK. Living through the gloomy weathers, and spending time with my friends. It's nothing compared to being at home, of course, but it's something different from what the rest of my life would be (the way I envision it). The complaining was a fun activity in itself, just another way to communicate with people.

So what does the year 2009 bring for me? It marks the end of my university life and the starting of work life. It brings about uncertainty in life, as this time it is surely a time where I would be moving to a place where neither my family nor friends would be there, in person, to buffer anything that might happen. It is a scary thought but I'm sure I will survive and be stronger from these experiences to come. Granted that I only have to go through these things in August, but you only have to think about how the years slip by, that 8 months would just pass by without any thought to what I want.

I'll just have to make sure that I make full use of the 6 months left of university. I won't waste my time making new year resolutions as they don't help much anyway, but will just spend my life as fulfilling as possible.

Happy New Year and may the year of 2009 bring much excitement and happiness to you!


Val said...

Nice one to wrap up for the year...!! Happy New Year to u too!! =)

~em~ said...

Thanks val.. :D

Anonymous said...

heya Em dear, happy new year. love ya. xxxx