Saturday, 13 September 2008

Long awaited post

Thought I should update my blog with a post saying that I'm in London! Ok, I've already been in London for several days now and going back to Nottingham tomorrow. Why am I back in UK so early you ask. Well, that's because I have two hospital interviews lined up. And I have no idea how to prepare for them.

So, when I came, my bag decided to be broken, and I couldn't pull it as the lever broke. I had to carry the heavy heavy 20kg bag up and down the stairs at the tube station. I was so very glad that I did not bring another box full of stuff with me. Even so, i had quite a hard time trying to get the bag back to my aunt's place. I don't know why this happens to me every time I am in UK. Must be the weather, causing me to carry all the heavy things so I won't get overweight. Good form of exercise.

Time to watch TV. Have to watch as much as I can before going back to Nottingham as I don't have TV there. So more TV for me.


ven said...

how did the interviews went???

I have 3 lined up next week.\


~em~ said...

got one tmr and i don have any idea how to prepare for it except to read up on my clinical knowledge which is a bit rusty... I got another one coming up on the 23rd.. have to ask for directions to go to worcester.. :D

good luck for your interviews!

cassie said...

why are there hospital interviews? have a good semester ahead :) take care

~em~ said...

hospital interviews for next year's pre-registration placement... we need to apply one year ahead.. hehe..