Sunday, 21 September 2008

Hospital Pre-registration Interviews

I attended an interview on Tuesday and I can't help feeling that I did really badly at it. Considering it's the first interview I have ever attended, I guess it cannot be blamed. I just hope that the second interview which is coming up this Tuesday will be better.

Throughout the interview, I had to keep thinking about how to explain it perfectly and express myself in an appropriate way. I found myself forgetting the word that was needed in that context and then kicking myself mentally when I remember it a moment too late. I was always better at expressing myself in writing rather that verbally. Wonder if I can do an interview through messenger?

One thing about all this is that you come back thinking that you should have said this instead of that or should have elaborated more instead of just stopping where you did.

Still anxiously wondering if I can actually get a pre-registration placement in a hospital pharmacy which is what I really want. I just have to take whatever I have undergone in the last interview and improve on that for the next.

Now... all I have to do if to keep myself calm for the next interview and stop hemming and hawing when answering. I just feel that if there were clinical questions I would've been able to answer those better than the questions that were asked of me.


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Ice2 加油!!

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