Tuesday, 1 July 2008


I was going to play guess the age with my own photo but I couldn't get a decent photo by taking it myself so I'll just forgo this game. Anyway.. the reason I wanted to do that was because over the past few days, I have been thought of as still being 16/17, even though I just passed by birthday last week. I think it's the haircut that makes me look young, compared to my old hairstyle which was long and straight, making me look old. haha..

I thought of some stuff to write the night before but now I totally have no idea what I wanted to post up. Think I have amnesia...

I'm hooked onto a Taiwan drama series again. The thing about these series is, even though you think that they are very immature and the things they do is very unrealistic, you just can't stop watching them. So, on to watching series then..

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cassie said...

so sorry i forgot ur birthday! happy belated birthday! :S sorry ya. how was it?