Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Power Failure

I thought I better start writing a post before I go off watching drama series and forget about jotting this down.

There was a power failure yesterday afternoon from 3pm to 10pm. And it was horrible... The house was terribly hot and all I could do was try and stay as still as possible to burn less energy therefore produce less heat, but it was still hot. Couldn't even open the front gate to go out because it's an electric gate and I did not have the keys at home to open the gate. One of the things that we each seem to have done once in our life is climb over the gate to get into the house, which isn't such a difficult thing to do.

While eating a candlelit dinner, it got me thinking what would we do if suddenly, there was no electricity anymore. We wouldn't have any lights unless we use a candle and we wouldn't be able to go online or use the phone or watch TV. AND no FAN or air-conditioning! Life as we know it would surely stop to exist. We would all go back to the pre-electricity times and do nothing but write letters. It would be even worse in a cold climate where there would not be ready heating available. So we should all be thankful that we have electricity.

There's this little black dog that keeps coming to bully our golden retriever puppy. And it's funny that such a small dog can get the better of our dog which is at least double its size. That dog only runs away it sees someone coming.

I got my camera back. It cost a fortune to repair. Should have gotten a water resistant camera the last time.

Ok.. time to watch TV.

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Yan Leng said...

its v hot now, i cant sleep...