Wednesday, 27 February 2008


There was an earthquake last night. And i was fast asleep when the earthquake started and got woken up by it. You could feel shaking and really loud noise. At first I thought it was the normal loud bangs that we get occasionally but when it continued for a while, I thought it was an earthquake. But not knowing that there were actually earthquakes in England, I just went back to sleep.

Until I woke up in the morning and saw the news and confirmed that there actually was an earthquake.



mrbherng said...

I bit too far to feel it but Swansea felt it though.

Twisted Heels said...

Lol. I was in Hilton hotel in Nottingham (too far to anywhere, sheesh) and I slept like a baby! I hope I won't sleep if earthquakes ever happen again.

~em~ said...

Hehe.. wasn't only you, TH.. a lot of ppl slept thru it as well

HW said...

Hahaha... Used to stay close to a lovely neighbour called indonesia, maybe u just get used to vibrations dy till u don feel nervous at all...:P