Saturday, 2 February 2008

Busy Weekend..

It has been quite a fun-filled weekend! First, Concert on Thursday Night... which was fun! One thing worth nothing about in the Royal Concert Hall is that most of the patrons had white hair.. The concert was by Halle, and marked their 150th birthday. I'm so in love with Beethoven's Symphony no.7, movement 2 now..

Then it was snowing on Friday! First time I saw snow, but it wasn't heavy enough to make snowman and snowballs. oh ya.. i got my results as well. Wasn't too bad, but could've been better I guess.

Went to Cadbury's Chocolate Factory in Birmingham today. Which was worth it.. we had free chocolate.. but i'm now sick of chocolate.. We had to take a train to Birmingham New Street and from there to Bournville, which is founded by Cadbury's. There were a few hitches at the beginning of the trip but everything was quite ok after that.

The whole gang of us.. 22 in our group.
Chocolate-covered me..

We then went back to Birmingham City Centre for Malaysian Food! Apparently laksa here is quite famous. Puisan had Curry Laksa, Susan had Assam Laksa.. and I had Beef Brisket with Rice..

Anyone know what is Ants on the Tree?Our huge group then broke up into pieces and 4 of us went sight seeing while others decided to be boring and go shopping. We went to see the famous Birmingham Cathedral (aka St Philip Cathedral).
Then we walked around the Bull Ring (which is Birmingham's biggest shopping centre, i think). Borders was huge!
Saw the so-called mentos building.. which is the Selfridges Building.. On the left is the Selfridges building while on the right is St Martin's church (i think). Right in the middle is Puisan..

Puisan forgot her Young Person Railcard and we had a really fun time on the way back.. Adrenaline was pumping through our veins as we cracked our heads to find of ways to avoid being checked on the railcard.. which I guess in the end wasn't really necessary as the conductor didn't really check.

So, now to make myself tidy up my room tomorrow.. Chinese New Year is coming in a few days..


WoMbOk™♂ said...

Ants on a tree?? no way~! That's uber delicious! hehe.

I really have no idea what that is.. keke. Don't you just love engrish menus.

~em~ said...

should've ordered it and tried.. haha..

cindy said...

ants on tree is fried tang hoon lah...

~em~ said...

oh... y is it called ants on tree? how does fried tang hoon relate to that?