Thursday, 14 February 2008


My 100th post! Can't believe that I have actually posted up 99 posts before this, some of which might just be very short one-liners. Maintaining a blog is not an easy thing, as most times I have no idea what i want to write about and some stuff aren't a good topic to write about.

I started this blog off to let my family know what's going on in my life and post photos up for them to view. I slowly gained readers other than my family members and this blog has become a place for me to write out how I'm feeling and on anything that I want to get off my mind.

This place is a place I turn to when I'm feeling down and lonely, when I'm happy, when I have something to say. Life isn't going the way I imagined it would have gone, and I'm going through my life by trying to look forward to the day I go home. Somehow everyday here seems like either a dream or a nightmare, and eventually I will wake up and find myself back at home.

I find myself withdrawing from all that is going around me. I am just unsure on how to actually be a person. I think I'm just a loner by nature, making friends has never come easy for me, as my evaluation of another person is flawed. I seem to be always making the same mistakes when looking at someone's character. It's just easier to be superficial aquaintances, than form meaningful friendships and find that your judgement is wrong, time after time.

ANYWAY.... on to happier stuff... 100 post 100 post 100 post! I started this post on a happy note and do not wish to end it in this way. So, Happy Valentine's Day to all.. and Congratulations to me for reaching the 100 post mark. Maybe in my next post I will write about what I actually wanted to write about today.


Anonymous said...

happy valentine's day and happy 100th post? hahaha...
ala, enjoy uself then not nightmare la... don something u like to do.. dont just hide in ur room la.. join me in all my crazy activity la..


~em~ said...

wat crazy thing are you doing recently? nothing le..

puisan said...

got, ytd i made mantau, u hide in ur room only..

~em~ said...

ahha... i eat only ma.. :D

ChiliLady said...

...just discovered your blog and it's awesome! i did add your blog to my favourits and i'm looking forward for entries!
hope you have a great day!
chililady from austria

~em~ said...

hey chililady... thanks for visiting :D i'm suffering from a bit of blogger's block so might not see a lot of posts until i get my inspiration again..