Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner... but I'm not just around the corner from my family. I'm really really far away from them and this will be the first time I'm not celebrating CNY back at home. This year, will be celebrated with friends, but somehow there's no CNY mood here as we do not have any holidays for CNY. Instead, we're still being bonbarded with classes and labs.

On the eve of CNY, is also Ash Wednesday (To find out what Ash Wednesday means click here). What a coincidence that the Lent season (info here) starts at around the same time that CNY starts. Now, what should I abstain from this Lent season? Can't abstain from meat as it is cheaper than fish.. think think think...

So.. CNY... steamboat dinner tomorrow, which might cost each of us 5 pounds (a bit expensive rite?) then... nothing else... Puisan going London, Eilyn going Manchester.. and i'm home alone.. I need to get out more often... but going out means spending money.. and spending money is not a good thing to do here as i'll be spending 7 times more what i would be spending back at home.. I need a job..

Anyway.. Happy Chinese New Year all! 新年快乐,万事如意,新年进步,事业成功!红包拿来!


mrbherng said...

It will be much more interesting in 2027 where Lent and Ramadan goes head to head.

Anyway, hot pot for 5 quid is dirt cheap!!! and you will stop multiplying by 7 real soon. I couldn't be bothered now after 2 years here =P

~em~ said...

but it's not eating out... it's eating at home... 2027 is still a long long long way away.. haha