Friday, 9 November 2007


I've been complained about! That my blog entry is not more than 2 lines... haha.. so i shall try to think of something to write about.

Hmm.. think i should give an update about how everything is going in class. We are always asked for feedback on how we are settling in, how we are getting along with our classmates and how UK campus compares to Malaysian Campus. We even had an open forum today to discuss about these issues (but i didn't attend). Well, here's some of my thoughts on what's it like to be here.

Just can't stop wondering: are we getting too much attention from them? What makes us special? Us coming in year 3 isn't it the same as those starting in year 1? The only difference is that we are joining a group of people who already done 2 years together, and we know nobody except ourselves. I think we are more well off than malaysians (or any other nationality) who came into the course in year 1 and if they came alone, would know not a single soul. We, who came as a group, at least have someone to talk to and hang on to when we are depressed or missing home. Someone who you know will stand by you.

I guess it is better that we came as a group. That our group was small enough for us to get to know each other (maybe not so well for some). Here, the class is just big. Not everybody knows everybody in the class (you'll be lucky if someone knows you're in their class, let alone know your name). The lecturers don't know who is in the class as well. I think that's a sad thing here. Back in Malaysia we used to just knock on lecturers' door and pop in to say hi. Here, you need to make an appointment before you can see the lecturer.

Classmates! Hmm... met some nice ones.. and you get the occassional rotten ones as well. If you're lucky, you'll work with people who are just brilliant! People who are compatible with you and work so efficiently that we always finish faster than anyone else. Then you get some who do their work, and just totally ignore whatever you tell them. It just depends on your luck!

And, as usual, the weather isn't helping matters much. It gets dark at 5pm, by which time you don't feel like doing anything else besides eat dinner, shower then sleep! Really should schedule time to study!

Ok.. that's all for now. (Long enough, Wong Pui San?) haha..


puisan said...

hahahah... ok i manage to finish it. I shouldnt complain actually cos what u mentioned we ady discuss about it. like what's wrong with me.. not that i dont know what is happening next door right? less than 5 meter? hahhaha...

~em~ said...

ok.. next time i blog about it before discussing with u? hahaha.. thn you have something new to read about.. :D

puisan said...

no need. its better to discuss it rather than me reading it and comment. like that no interaction ady. no good no good.

Vincent Bong said...

omg.. such a long blog? honey, u wrote all this by yourself?

Vincent Bong said...

d same in my course but almost everyone knew me.. haha.. and lecturer notice me.. but do have to appaintment as well for appoinment thou