Saturday, 24 November 2007

Applied Mathematics

Pui San's theory:

Homesickness = k[workload/(friends*food intake)]

where k = the weather constant depending on the season.

(Wong PS, 2007) <-- so i don't get sued for plagiarism

My theory:

Homesickness = k[(inactivity*workload)/(contact time*food intake)]

k = weather constant

Slightly similar to PS's equation but with inactivity factored in. Contact time is the time that is spent with friends and family. Decreased contact time with friends and family would increase homesickness.

Homesickness is also directly proportional to procrastination (see previous post).


puisan said...

cannot tahan ady la... stop procrastinating!!! go and do your work!

Twisted Heels said...


In relation to your earlier post about eczema (oh yes, I suffer from it too), you actually don't have to pay for your medication. Pop into a pharmacy/optician/dentist to get a HC1 form so you'll get a HC2 cert. That would exempt you from any charges for prescriptions, free eye test and dental check-ups. I'm surprised no one in your uni told you. Full time intl students are exempted!

~em~ said...

yeap.. i just got my HC2 cert. but that's after i paid for my prescriptions :(.. don think i wan to go thru the hassle of getting my prescription money back.

and no.. nobody in uni told us..