Saturday, 10 November 2007

MSS Games

Malaysian and Singaporean Society Games! Sounds like fun.... NOT!

We volunteered to help out in the games (I have no idea why i went for it, when i'm not even a member of the society) and were stationed at the netball court.

We had to wake up early (6.30am, but Pui San as usual woke up later!! ahhaha) and get ready to leave by 7.15 to walk to the Sport Centre (SC), which is about half an hour's walk. In the end, we walked out at 7.20 and off we went in the cold. Braving storm and wind (I'm just exaggerating), we trudge on to the Uni. On the way to the SC through, we met a bus from University of Southampton, and they were lost. So, we just said we will direct them to the SC and hopped on their bus (even though I only know how to walk there and don't know the way by road). So I directed them and we got to some dead ends, but in the end we reached our destination. A bit embarassing when we said we would direct them but got them lost instead.. haha..

So we are now waiting to be briefed in the small hall of the SC. And what a briefing it was. We were handed a pack containing information on what we were supposed to bring and some more unimportant stuff, and told that the captain of the Notts team will brief us on what to do. So we just had to proceed to the netball court.

The captain wasn't too happy to hear that we didn't know anything and we didn't know the rules of the game and that respective teams had to provide a referee for other games that are running simultaneously. Ha... none of the other unis (Univ of Southampton, Univ Manchester, Univ Leeds, London School of Economics and Imperial College) even knew that they had to provide an umpire. So, we had to run around, trying to get the teams to be ready for their turn and also find, not one but TWO umpires from different uni. Oh what fun it was to stay out in the cold cold weather, running around trying to organise everything. Imagine how angry the four of us were. I was also shouting at the President, scolding her saying she didn't plan things properly.. hahah...

In an effort to be "flexible", we finally just ask Notts to provide any number of umpires who are available when they are not playing. haha.. imagine.. two Notts umpire at any single game. Don't know if it created a lot of biasness. Who cares?

It got better after the preliminaries, where we moved indoors for the semifinals and finals. At least we got away from the cold and we didn't have to run around looking for referees. But it was just so tiring. All that just for free lunch and dinner? That's what greed gets me into. There's another games coming up.. The big Nottingham Malaysian Games, and... you guessed it... I volunteered for it. Hopefully it will be more organised... But if they still don't send me an email or brief us properly, think i will just not turn up.

One good thing about today.. the food was quite good.. better than the ones provided by the Nottingham Malaysian Society. hahah....

Just saw the weather forecast... temperature for tomorrow night will be -1 degrees C. Goody goody...

SPM in 2 more days! Good Luck Sarah! ahhaa..


puisan said...

so long la ur post.. now i lazy to read ady.... manage to skip through some of them. hahahha

yah go sarah go!!! goodluck

Sarah said...

i really shouldn't be online right now... hehe

anyway... thanks..