Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Big bowls.. and theromodynamics

Here's my lunch.. a big bowl of salad!! ahhaha

On another note.... here's introducing thermodynamics...

If it is an exothermic reaction, increasing temperature would decrease the rate of reaction.
If an endothermic reaction, increasing temperature would increase the rate of reaction and any decrease in temperature would decrease rate of reaction..

ok.. i think i got the basics right. Now for real life application, i.e. applying it to me.

As temperature decreases (that is the weather here), there would be a decrease in activity. Physically, movement would be restricted as the molecules would move slower. Brain cells would show a decreased activity as well.

(I think that's not related to the basics that i explained but it's a start)

So, rate of reaction... Thoughts cannot be formed properly as neurotransmitters cannot be released due to a slower rate of reaction (somehow). Reaction time takes longer when being dished out with lectures and assignments.

Thus, when rate of reaction decreases, procrastination increase, thus as procrastination is directly proportional to homesickness, homesickness increases as well.

haha.. ok.. all that is nonsense... thanks for reading tho. :D

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